Mae joined CWE in November 2023, looking to use her background in the small business world to help women-owned businesses thrive. As a single parent of two little ones, Mae spends her very limited free time watching Shark Tank and cheering on women- and minority-owned businesses from the couch. As she joins the CWE, however, Mae is thrilled to be part of a movement to bring these incredible owners to the forefront and be first in line to watch and assist in these business owners’ successes.

A past member of the Kingston Business Association in MA, Mae aided in bringing small businesses together to network and simply take a break from the daily grind to connect with like-minded business owners. From organizing these fundraisers and dinner parties to dressing like a 6’ elf to help Santa to light the tree on the town green, Mae got a front-row seat into what business ownership was truly like.

Women especially, who are bold and powerful and brave enough to pave their own path in our often uncertain world are the real heroes of our economy, country, and communities. Despite the obstacles these owners go into business expecting to face as women, countless more seem to appear, and yet each one is overcome with power and grace. Mae is extremely excited to be part of an organization that helps lift up these women who lift up our world. Not to be confused with a Swiftie, Mae is ecstatic to officially enter her Women Supporting Women Era in the professional world.