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8:00 AM  Registration Open & Light Breakfast

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Welcome & Morning Keynote

Keynote: Fireside Chat

Raquel Graham, Founder & CEO, Roq Innovation
Kimberly Zouzoua, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Center for Women & Enterprise

9:45 AM - 10:00 AM Networking Break/Transition Time

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM  Workshops

Select one of the workshops below to attend during this time.

The Secrets to Selling with Confidence

Dr. Karen Baldeschwieler, Co-founder, Zenagos
Mavis Chin, Co-founder, Zenagos
Stacey Coombs, Co-founder, Zenagos
Monica Meadows, Co-founder, Zenagos

In this session you will learn some practical steps to increase your confidence in networking, growing your lead list, having a sales conversation, and closing the deal.

We will walk you through the sales process step-by-step providing you with the secrets to:

It’s time to up your selling game and increase your close rate!

Thrive While You Lead: Personal Wellbeing & Business Health

Dr. Sheri-ann McLean, McLean Coaching and Consulting LLC

Juggling work demands and personal well-being can leave even the most resilient leader feeling drained. This workshop, "Thrive While You Lead: Personal Wellbeing & Business Health," equips you with the tools to excel in your role without sacrificing your health and happiness.  We will explore the unique challenges faced by many leaders, in achieving work-life balance. Learn to identify burnout signs, develop personalized self-care strategies, and discover leadership practices that foster a thriving team environment. Leave feeling empowered with actionable plans to become a leader who prioritizes both your own well-being and the success of your team.

Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating the World of Certification

Meghan Cunningham, Director of Certification & Supplier Diversity, Center for Women & Enterprise
Petula Payne, VP Supplier Diversity & Sustainability, State Street
Sika Sedzro, CEO, Uncut Lab

Certification is a powerful tool to grow businesses owned by members of historically underestimated groups. This dynamic panel will explain how to leverage that tool, and introduce you to the key players!

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM  Networking, Lunch & Vendor Visits

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM  Afternoon Keynote Panel

The Battle Isn’t Over: Empowering Supplier Diversity

Moderator: Stacey Luster, General Counsel, Worcester State University
Angela Dingle, President & CEO, Women Impacting Public Policy
Erika Gibson, AVP & Dir, Responsible Sourcing and Supplier Diversity, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Ann Ramakumaran, CEO, iTech Solutions
Ahfeeyah Salomon, Supplier Diversity Corporate Relations Manager, Center for Women & Enterprise

The Supreme Court decision against affirmative action has had ripple effects on entrepreneurs of color. Supplier Diversity programs are being challenged, and lawsuits are being levied against funding programs intended for entrepreneurs who are women and people of color.  In this session, we will discuss what businesses can do to keep engaging in these crucial programs in the face of these attacks. As a small business, how can you position yourself? As a purchaser, how can you continue to advocate for these programs?

This will be a full-scope conversation, in which we will explore all dimensions of these events.  We will discuss what is happening, what the journey has been like for an established WBE (Women Business Enterprise), and MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), and what can be done.  Join us for this important call to action to preserve these crucial programs

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM Networking Break/Transition Time

2:15 PM - 3:45 PM Workshops

Select one of the workshops below to attend during this time.

The Catalyst Consultant Presents: Beyond the Bank: The R.E.A.L. Framework for Accelerated Growth and Success.

M. Marie Boone, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Freeman-Boone Investment, LLC

Are you ready to shatter growth ceilings and propel your business toward unprecedented success? Discover the secrets to accelerated business growth and success beyond traditional banking with the R.E.A.L Framework - a proven approach to leverage business credit, alternative financing options, strategic certifications, and access to capital to fuel exponential growth. This transformative 90-minute workshop is designed specifically for Entrepreneurs seeking to unlock their full business potential.

During this workshop, you'll dive deep into the comprehensive R.E.A.L Framework and expand your understanding of how to:

You'll gain a customized blueprint to immediately implement these growth accelerators. Plus, you'll connect with fellow entrepreneurs to forge collaborations that accelerate your journey. By strategically combining the elements of the R.E.A.L Framework, you'll create a multiplier effect enabling you to grow smarter, bypass pitfalls, and achieve bold success rapidly.

Leave empowered with a roadmap for harnessing leverage, strategic certifications, and capital access to catalyze exponential growth. Gain invaluable knowledge and tools for overcoming financial obstacles, unlocking new opportunities, and attaining the bold, beautiful, and BOSS success you deserve.

Go beyond traditional banking and unlock your true business potential with the R.E.A.L Framework. Don’t miss this game-changing workshop - the first step toward.

Profit Powerhouse: Strategies for Ensuring Your Business's Financial Future

Katishia Gallishaw, Expert CFO Services for Small Business\KG Virtual CFO

Uncover actionable insights and expert advice on how to set your business on a trajectory toward long-term financial sustainability and success.

Stand Out and Stand Up: How to Attract Buyers - Leveraging Certification for Different Types of Purchasers (colleges, government, corporate)

Samilys Rodriguez, Director of Career Development and Industry Inclusion, AGC of Massachusetts

3:45 PM - 4:00 PM Networking Break/Transition Time

4:00 PM- 5:00 PM Cocktail Hour