Why the Center for Women & Enterprise?

Gain connections, confidence, preparation to access capital, and certification. That’s what working with CWE helps you achieve, wherever you’re at in your business ownership journey. We offer networking; one-on-one consulting and focused classes; and the ability for women business owners to obtain formal status of their diversity thorough a variety of certifications.

Women Speaking in Panel

What We Offer

At CWE, we’re proud to offer a range of programs and opportunities designed to help every type of business owner grow. Here’s what we provide:

  • Education & Training Experiences
  • 1:1/Individual Confidential & Uplifting Business Counseling
  • Connection Opportunities

Find Your Path

Not sure where to start?

Take our Assessment to determine your phase of business and how CWE can help you most effectively

CWE encouraged me to dream big by identifying my needs and brainstorming ways with me to make them happen.”

Lauren Palmieri, Arrowhead Lodge, Milton, VT, 2023 Rising Star Nominee