Lindsey joins CWE with a background in tech/software development, teaching and entrepreneurship. A passion for education and technology lead to her international experience, working and living in Thailand, Japan and Spain. She has contributed to the building of applications millions of people use today such as New York’s OMNY MetroCard app. Having learned and experienced living amongst communities and cultures around the world, 2020 gave life to her most notable accomplishment toward the start of the pandemic. In partnership with the city, she helped organize community events in Jersey City, New Jersey. From working with unhoused populations to collaborating with local artists/business owners to sell/promote their goods; it was through collaboration, she discovered her deepest passion in sharing knowledge and lifting others within her community. Lindsey is humbled to help guide & empower entrepreneurs at CWE and believes freedom & self-sufficiency in the journey of entrepreneurship are things we all deserve chances to experience.