Ahfeeyah C. Salomon (f/k/a Ahfeeyah C. Thomas) is an award-winning Brand Designer + Creative Director, Chief Brand Culture Strategist and Communications Expert, Founder of Brandaholics Society and Women Creating Wealth and CEO of Build Brand Design—a premier marketing firm and brand design agency.

With a culturally rich upbringing that spans the dynamic streets of Boston to the historical charm of the UK, and roots that reach back to the warm Caribbean seas, Ahfeeyah brings a Euro-Carribbean flair to her work that is the perfect balance of sophistication, boldness, and creativity. She has revolutionized brand identities for numerous corporations, masterminding campaigns that significantly enhance consumer engagement and drive sales.

Her mantra, "Turning Creatives into CEOs & Businesses into Brands," encapsulates her impactful work. Ahfeeyah, a Brand Culture Cultivator and influential thought leader, excels in nurturing brand communities and strategically guiding brands to resonate, connect, and flourish in the competitive marketing landscape.

As an Afro-European woman her expertise in branding, combined with her unique perspective on marketing and communications, has enabled her to shatter barriers and defy industry stereotypes. Emerging as a visionary, committed to disrupting the status quo, she champions diversity and inclusion in marketing and design, using her influence to educate others on the importance of representation, fostering an inclusive brand environment, and promoting cultural awareness.

She stands as a luminary, having guided over 100 designers and creatives toward the pinnacle of the industry and coached thousands of women on wealth and entrepreneurship. Her mentorship is a testament to her commitment to cultivating the next generation of creative CEOs and a world where women no longer ask for a seat at the table but create even bigger ones with more room to invite more women—evident in her thriving communities "Brandaholics Society," and "Women Creating Wealth" where thousands are empowered to forge their passions into profitable business models.

In every stroke of strategy and splash of creative insight, Ahfeeyah's life as a globetrotter, a woman of Caribbean heritage, a wife, and a mother of two boys converge. Her world—rich in experience and wrapped in love—is a canvas for her expertise. An advocate for women empowerment, she weaves strands of her personal adventures into her approach, hosting business dinners, and summits and nurturing a space where women entrepreneurs and creatives flourish.

Her mission is clear, her impact profound, and her legacy—a dance between creativity, connection, and commerce that continues to inspire and transform. This is Ahfeeyah C. Salomon—the bedrock for the businesses and the beacon for the brands.

With honor, she brings her expertise and experience to advancing the mission of CWE, as the Supplier Diversity Corporate Relations Manager, with a commitment to closing the wealth gap for women entrepreneurs one connection at a time.