February 09, 2024

CWE has provided me with knowledge that I didn't know I needed. Their training and programs have guided my entrepreneurial journey. The opportunity to also lead sessions for CWE has provided a platform for me as well. I've been impacted as a student and as a teacher!

Zoila Quezada video

What inspired Zoila’s business?

Zoila was inspired to start her business to create an impact in ways that mattered to her, imparting her skills to communities excluded from personal and professional development. She aimed to elevate women's confidence to lead in work, life, and business, providing coaching, speaking, and consulting services.

Business Highlight

Zoila’s business, Pura Luz LLC, focuses on elevating women's confidence to lead in work, life, and business through coaching, speaking, and consulting. Additionally, she works with organizations to enhance equity and inclusion solutions through consulting and facilitation. Zoila impacts individuals, communities, and workplace environments, creating positive changes in people's lives and organizations.

Owning this business has changed where and how she spends her time and allows for more time to be with her kids now that they are young. For example, her business has allowed for her children to stay home with her during the summer. This had not been possible in the past when she worked elsewhere and had to send her children to camp or daycare.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has significantly supported Zoila in her entrepreneurial journey. She attended classes, shared workspace days, and participated in events. Engaging with CWE as a facilitator provided a smooth and rewarding experience, allowing her to share her talents with CWE clients. The platform offered opportunities for both learning and teaching, impacting Zoila as a student and as a teacher. CWE has contributed to her business growth by offering valuable knowledge, training sessions, and opportunities to lead sessions, providing a platform for Zoila to showcase her expertise.

"CWE is a gem that not enough women know about. I tell every aspiring, or current business owner, to take advantage of their offerings. There's something for everyone.

Owning my own business helps feel empowered and in control of how my time is spent. Running the business has also made me feel proud and energized to continue to create changes with people and organizations."

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