February 26, 2022

Ximena Salmeron"I bought Iconica Social Club in July 2020 with really no previous experience on how to run a business. Also, it was a very early moment in the pandemic so I had very little idea of how it would unfold. Nonetheless, we believed in the possibility of a future, post-pandemic world. In October, Dawn LaRochelle introduced herself, after we'd been through months of painful learning. She helped with the PPP round 2, as well as the RRF. Her support helped to keep me sane through the storm. I recently applied for an SBA EIDL loan, and was part of the E2 Mentorship Event with MACP. CWE has been crucial to my business. I've felt supported while growing into my role as a small business owner, and that's meant the world to me."

Iconica Social Club is a café, specialty bakery, and live event space that lives inside of a little brick building nested under a huge honey locust tree in the heart of downtown Northampton. Walking through the building is a multi-sensory experience of discovering cozy, magical spaces, encountering the smells of fresh baking, tasting the flavors of house-made cold pressed juices, and much more. The building is divided into three areas: the bar - where drinks get prepared and transactions happen - and two uniquely decorated spaces for people to work or meet. Iconica offers baked goods, all made from scratch in-house and high quality coffee drinks that look stunning and involve deliciously unique flavor combinations. They also host events such as live music, private events, and gallery openings.

Iconica Social Club logo