March 05, 2023

CWE not only provided me with business building classes, but a community in which I can flourish, feel included, have accountability, and offer others support with my knowledge and expertise.”

Traci Bisson

What inspired Traci's Business?

Traci is inspired to help connect people and their dogs by providing training and socializing opportunities to bond and build relationships - as well as to reconnect people with nature to improve their health and wellbeing. Her services reach a community of dog owners and lovers who believe that time spent in the natural world reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves the health of dogs and their people.

Business Highlight

Traci is focused on giving back to the local community and since 2019, she has raised over $21,000 with the help of her members, partners, and community for NH-based pet charities. As her business continues to move forward, she is excited to continue giving back to local nonprofits financially and also by creating awareness of her growing community which climbed to over 3,000 dog lovers by the end of 2022.

Traci calls Golden Dog Adventure Co. a unicorn business. She offers fun and unique experiences for dogs and their people like the Doggy Easter Egg Hunt, Doggy Olympics, Corn Maze & Halloween Party, Maple Sugaring Experience, SUP with Your PUP, Skijoring, and so much more!

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

Traci's business Golden Dog Adventure has experienced significant growth and continues to expand thanks to ongoing support from CWE. In 2022, they added an additional 25 members and she also expects to welcome 100 more in 2023.

Traci looks forward to adding corporate wellness and private events and to extend her demographic reach to expand further north and west in New Hampshire. CWE has provided Traci with the business building classes and support she has needed to help her achieve all these great accomplishments. Being part of a community in which she can flourish, feel included, have accountability, and offer other support with the knowledge and expertise has made all the difference in her business journey. The team at CWE is focused on and dedicated to their woman business clients and making them feel part of something bigger.

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