February 16, 2024

The CWE was phenomenal!!! They provided amazing business mentorship, helping me establish a clear path forward with growing my business.

Nicole Sublette video

What inspired Nicole’s business

“CWE has been both vital and instrumental in the success of my business. Their unwavering commitment to uplift women, as reflected in their mission statement "We uplift women who uplift the world" has been a guiding force.”

Motivated by a passion for inclusivity in mental health, Nicole, a Black queer female psychotherapist, noticed a significant gap in mental health services' underrepresentation of BIPoC and LGBTQIA+ individuals. This disparity inspired her to establish Therapists of Color New England, offering tailored and accessible support to empower marginalized communities.

Business Highlights

“Through entrepreneurship I've not only enhanced my voice in the change-making process but have taken on leadership roles in working to foster systemic change.”

Nicole's counseling practice, Therapists of Color New England, is a groundbreaking mental health group practice in New Hampshire, aiming to address critical gaps in mental health representation and services.

As the first all-person-of-color mental health group practice in the state, it focuses on providing comprehensive, culturally responsive, and holistic mental health services.

With a team of six clinicians, the practice offers evidence-based psychotherapy services along with holistic care practices like reiki, sound healing, integrative medicine, and auricular treatments.

The commitment to culturally responsive care and inclusivity sets Therapists of Color New England apart, bridging the gap between conventional mental health and holistic modalities.

The practice targets individuals, families, couples, and children from BIPoC and LGBTQIA+ communities, providing specialized, culturally sensitive, and holistic mental health support.

Nicole’s dedication to empowering marginalized communities and fostering systemic change through her mental health practice has contributed to its recognition and impact in the community. The practice's commitment to inclusivity and empowerment aligns with feminist principles, and it serves as an integral and empowered business in the local landscape.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey

Engaging with CWE has been transformative for Nicole's mental health group practice. The feminist business model learned through CWE mentorship aligned with the specific vision of her business. CWE's networking events facilitated vital connections with fellow small business owners, fostering a supportive community. Additionally, a meeting with a New Hampshire congressman organized by CWE provided a platform to address small business challenges. This recognition, along with award nominations, has amplified the impact of her POC mental health group practice. Now with six clinicians, the practice is integral to the community, providing culturally sensitive care. CWE's support not only fuels growth but contributes to a more inclusive and empowered business landscape.

"As a Black woman who has navigated the challenges of single parenting and poverty, owning a business serves as a source of empowerment, pride, and hope."

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