February 25, 2022

Marisa Delhay"I have been motivated, encouraged, and empowered to step further and further outside of my comfort zone thanks to the webinars, conferences, and resources I&'ve been connected to by CWE. When I began my business 5 years ago, I had a Facebook page and a couple of totes. My bookkeeping was a lined notebook with my sales scribbled in it, and I had no legal representation, liability coverage, business advisor, or website. Thanks to CWE I feel 100 times more prepared, professional, and secure in my business. I am so grateful!"

The Teach at Home Mom, LLC specializes primarily in the curation and distribution of rental toy/educational material units called "Teaching Totes." Teaching Tote themes range from "Farm" to "Emotional Wellness" to "Coding and Robotics" and beyond! Within a Teaching Tote a customer can expect to find books, toys, sensory tools, crafts, lessons, and experiments along with a lesson plan card for each material. These cards are intended to guide the adult in implementing the materials. The hyper-local nature of the business model means that these totes are not shipped, but rather picked up by the customer or delivered for an additional charge. The company originated in Hooksett, NH but has recently expanded to include specialists in Massachusetts, Texas, and additional regions in NH!

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