May 13, 2021

Madison's company based in North Kingstown, RI, 42020 Visionaries LLC, is an artisanal wellness product company with a mission to assist as many people as possible on their path to well-being and personal empowerment. She discovered her passion for essential oils and holistic health remedies in 2017, as a student at the New York institute of Aromatics Studies.

In October 2020, Madison worked with CWE's Business Recovery Project Manager to secure a "Restore RI" grant from the RI Department of Commerce, to provide funding assistance to her business through the pandemic. She has also attended marketing webinars and met with CWE's marketing mentor to sharpen her sales strategy in late 2020. By 2025, Madison hopes to provide high end, 1/1 aromatherapy blends for those looking to seek out something specific for them.