March 12, 2023

CWE encouraged me to dream big by identifying my needs and brainstorming ways with me to make them happen."

Lauren Palmieri

Palmieri Lauren Video Clip

What inspired Lauren's Business?

Recognizing there were not enough opportunities to connect with neighbors on a day-to-day basis in her small community, Lauren opened Arrowhead Lodge in Milton, VT in February 2020. She sells craft beverages that support local people and believes that sharing a beverage together is a great way to meet neighbors, make connections, and enhance the overall community.

Business Highlight

Arrowhead Lodge has had a huge impact on the community by bringing neighbors together to connect through the various unique events and experiences that Lauren's business offers. The venture is now the sole focus of her family and she has been able to hire a part-time employee that is making connections of her own while growing her knowledge and skills as part of the team. Arrowhead Lodge is celebrating its three-year anniversary and continues to grow strong. Along with a newly announced food program expansion, they are also introducing catering.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

CWE has played a huge role in helping Lauren with her business. The Power Forward Accelerator course provided the resources and lessons that she continues to use regularly with her business. The entire program helped her understand grant and loan opportunities, and receive some! CWE gave her the courage to dream big, identify her needs, and then brainstorm with her ways to make them happen. She is even buying the building for her business!

Lauren's experience with CWE has enabled her to develop connections with other local business owners, and she has found the whole program extremely helpful all along her new business journey.

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