March 20, 2023

The thing I find most helpful from CWE is the support. The instructors take the time to have one-on-ones, my classmates have been so encouraging - It really is the boost we all, as women, need to hear."

Kim Estrada

Estrada Kim Video Clip

What inspired Kim's Business?

Kim started her business to share Guatemalan, cilantro-free, guacamole with her community. She wanted to showcase her Mom's family recipe, which is different from the traditional Mexican style.

Business Highlight

Kim's business has had a tremendous impact on her family. She is so thankful for her mom's recipe and wanting to share her family's style of guacamole. Kim's community loves the different types of guacamole. She personally loves seeing people that don't like avocados, or guacamole, try her product & change their minds - adding it to their list of good foods that they now consume.

Her next step is to start working with a small scale kitchen where she can prepare her guacamole and sell it to mom-and-pop grocery stores around Boston and the north shore. She has been grateful for the word-of-mouth referrals and to Instagram for showcasing what her product looks like and bringing her new customers.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

Kim first learned about CWE while researching business plan courses. It was what she needed to take the next step in her small business. As a result, she is proud to say that she has a business plan complete and is continuing to learn and add more to it.

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