March 05, 2023

I have learned how to better run my business with the help of CWE workshops and free consultations from an accountant, a business owner, and marketing professional”

Kerri Dutton

What inspired Kerri's Business?

Kerri's previous experience as founder of "My CNA Now", where she developed the first hybrid LNA program in the state of New Hampshire provided the background she needed when LNA Health Careers changed ownership in 2020. Now serving as Director of the school, she is inspired to instill confidence, competence, and compassion in her graduates and to be the best they can be to stand out in their fields.

Business Highlight

LNA Health Careers' goal is to educate and prepare future healthcare workers for their licensure exam. Employers trust that graduates from LNA Health Careers are well trained and well prepared to enter the workforce as healthcare professionals. They offer a variety of programs: Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA), Medication Nursing Assistant (MNA), Phlebotomy, Pharmacy technician, and Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN).

Since 2020, Kerri's work with LNA Health Careers has encountered many challenges to meet the demand for healthcare workers in New Hampshire. Despite the pandemic and the limitations it caused in healthcare, they have been able to find ways to increase training opportunities for students, including expanded course offerings and online features. Kerri and LNA Health Careers were able to create a curriculum for health care careers that allow graduates to earn a livable wage and obtain jobs in institutions across the state.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

With the help of CWE, Kerri was able to receive free business consultations from a variety of consultants including an accountant, a business owner, and a marketing professional. These beneficial meetings, along with the workshops she attended, helped her run her business even better than before.

For example, meeting with an experienced accountant helped Kerri better manage and understand cash flow. With counseling from CWE experts, Kerri changed payroll companies and went from paying taxes quarterly to weekly, which greatly affected her cash flow. She also had guidance looking at wages, which helped her to better manage her growing workforce to meet the demands of the business. Kerri gleaned many insights into learning how to weigh risks and benefits to make better business decisions.

CWE was also able to help Kerri navigate a commercial loan to make an investment for LNA Health Careers that has enabled the business to grow. Her company has now purchased a building instead of leasing and has become a downtown presence just steps from City Hall in Manchester, NH.

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