March 05, 2023

I joined CWE as soon as I launched my business. The numerous online workshops I have taken and the opportunity for consultation with experts has helped me hone different aspects of my business.”

Kelly Dwyer

What inspired Kelly's Business?

Kelly truly believes in the restorative benefits of connecting with nature on a daily basis and has set business goals to deliver these to a variety of audiences. She launched Nature Education Opportunities in May 2021 with the goal of connecting people of all ages with the natural world and to experience the numerous wellness benefits nature can offer.

Business Highlight

As a nature educator and wellness coach, Kelly believes simple and easy activities such as a 5-minute break outside to gaze at the skyline or touch the bark of a tree in a local park can provide physical and emotional relief from stress and overwhelm.

Kelly has been partnering with organizations such as the Manchester Boys and Girls club to design program opportunities for youth living in urban areas. One of her business goals for 2023 is to create a program partnership with an organization that provides services and support to refugees and new Americans, as she believes fostering a connection to local greenspaces and natural areas can be an essential component for successful transitioning into a new community.

In 2023, Kelly anticipates expanding her program audience to include local garden clubs and libraries, growing the adult learner component of my business through discovery walks and online workshops which have been accessed by people across the country.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

Kelly joined CWE as soon as she launched her business and has since taken numerous online workshops and had several one-on-one consultations with experts to hone aspects of her business. She found the instructors knowledgeable and focused on providing material that is relevant and immediately applicable to her business Nature Education Opportunities.

As a result of a CWE storytelling workshop, Kelly was inspired to hire someone to help her reorganize major components of her website and create a monthly electronic newsletter which had been stagnating her "to do" list for a long period of time. She found it liberating to finally be making a decisive action. With the support and resources of CWE, Kelly is able to offer a variety of programs throughout her community that bring the gift of personal well-being and the tools to live more joyfully to a wider audience.

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