January 28, 2024

As a new business owner, CWE helped me start stronger through their flexible consultations times, tons of resources, and business advice on selling my products.

Kadean Ellis

Kadean Ellis Video Clip

What inspired Kadean’s business?

Kadean started her business because of her love for international snacks. During her childhood in Jamaica, she ate a wide variety of tasty snacks that she lost access to after migrating to the United States. Since then, she’s been exposed to a wide variety of new snacks from multiple cultures. Her snack appreciation grew into her passion for connecting people to snacks from around the world.

Business Highlight

Her mission for Astro Munchiez is offering families with school aged kids easy, local access to a wide variety of international snacks. She offers local delivery and 1-3 day online shipping. Kadean was empowered to leave her 9-5 job, start this business, and enjoy traveling throughout Vermont to share her products.

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

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Kadean learned about CWE through her bank. Since then, Kadean has accessed CWE through classes and consultations to seek support for her business structure and product sales, both local and online. She states that owning this business has empowered her and connected her to great people. She tries to share what she’s learned with others who might use their talents to start their own company.

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