April 22, 2021

At her company based in Manchester, NH, Julie Alig uses statistical analysis and data visualizations to tell the stories in a business' data to help clients optimize their decision-making, build and implement strategies, achieve their goals, and increase their profits. She started her business because she was frustrated that many businesses were being held back in terms of profitability because they lacked the ability or the time to understand their data.

Julie came to CWE for advice on starting her business and wholehearted support from other women entrepreneurs. JLA Analytics was founded in 2019 and Julie has been slowly but steadily building her network, expertise, and client list. By 2025, she hopes to work with clients in New Hampshire and nationally. During the pandemic, she has continued to build her network, but hasn't been able to win as many contracts, since businesses have recently had a "wait and see" attitude.