February 21, 2022

"CWE got me on the right track from the very beginning. They gave me so much information and advice about owning and operating a business. I knew a lot about food service operations but I didn&'t know anything about owning a business. If I hadn&'t taken the 10 week business planning course classes and the 4 or 5 presentations, I would not be in business for myself today. They were always very inclusive and welcoming. CWE has also been available for advice and help remotely for the past two years. When I reached out to them about the RRF I was able to talk to someone about how to fill out the forms. CWE is also how I found my accountant and real estate lawyer. They gave good advise on finding insurance, and how business/payroll taxes work. I was able to network with banks and community lenders. I also met many other women who operate their own business which gives you a sense of community."

MOJO-JOMO is a snack bar that opened in December 2019 at the Berlin Mall. They make boba tea, smoothies, rolled ice cream, and bubble waffles. MOJO-JOMO uses high quality ingredients sourced both locally and from around the world. They are the only place making rolled ice cream in central Vermont, with over 30 unique fruit, tea, or ice cream based drinks on the menu and a list of over 70 ingredients you can combine to create your own custom ice cream flavor.

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