February 14, 2023

CWE has been an amazing resource to me. I have taken some great classes and met some truly wonderful people over the years.”

Jo-Anna Cassino

What inspired Jo-Anna's Business?

Jo-Anna founded her business, Flipp Salon Apothecary on principles of environmental stewardship. She is passionate about running a truly holistic business while serving the community at large.

Business Highlight

Jo-Anna's business is a plant-based hair salon and herbal apothecary. Some of her inventory is made in-house with the plants and herbs she grows and infuses on her farm. She doesn't sell anything in plastic and maintains a refill program for glass /aluminum vessels. Her walls are used as a rotating gallery for local artists to show and sell their work. She hosts live music in the warmer seasons to showcase local musicians. Her retail space offers a strong focus on local artisans. She participates and donates to many organizations locally and nationally that support and build community and aid the environment. She owns a truly holistic business.

Jo-Anna serves her community at large. She donates to local organizations founded by our BIPOC friends, hosts events seasonally to raise awareness and support for organizations like the RI food bank, Dorcas International, and Eco RI, as well as support other organizations such as the RI Wild Plant Society, Herbalists without Borders, and the HUMSUM project.

Her business impacts the community by offering a space dedicated to many forms of healing experiences, from the nontoxic approach we provide to the meaningful conversations and relationships that are formed. It also provides the team members who work there with a flourishing career, wonderful work-life balance, and a foundation of all around support. Some have even gone on to open their own businesses through the clientele they were able to build with her.

She is excited to open a new shop downtown that will operate as an extension of her apothecary. This new addition to her business will host space for small events, classes, and workshops and also provide added room for herbal products.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

Jo-Anna has found CWE to be a wonderful resource for her as an operator of a small business. She has learned so much that she can apply to her business while taking many great classes over the years since becoming involved with CWE. Jo-Anna has also made many new connections through networking opportunities with CWE as well that have helped her run her business Flipp Salon Apothecary.

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