May 11, 2021

Jia performs tea mindfulness workshops and in-person and online educational programming on the history and health benefits of tea, in addition to selling loose-leaf tea products, through her company, Tea Tell Truth, in Westborough, MA. She started her business to create greater awareness of the history and health benefits of tea, as well as build community and camaraderie around tea consumption.

Jia first came to CWE in 2017 for free workshops that were recommended to her by the Crompton Collective. She reconnected with CWE after meeting our Central MA COVID Recovery Manager, Dawn LaRochelle, at the Women Business Leaders Conference in 2020. Jia launched her business in April 2018 and has been working part-time as a neurophysicist at UMass Amherst, but she hopes to own a tea wellness center or tea house by 2025. When COVID hit, Jia's in-person workshops and vendor show opportunities were cancelled, but CWE has helped her pivot her offerings and funding plans.