February 25, 2022

Jennifer Vascotto"I took the CWE Business Planning Class prior to my partner and I opening our business in May of 2020. This class helped us in so many ways. From meeting a network of other local entrepreneurs with a like mindset, to creating a strong 5-year business plan, creating a marketing & social media strategy that has proved invaluable, as well as website troubleshooting & feedback. CWE helped us refine and strengthen our business in all aspects. The business planning class shaped our business and truly helped us open with our strongest foot forward. The feedback from both the instructors, guest lecturers and fellow classmates really helped us hone our business and steer it in the most successful direction. The peers in the class have not only become friends but also partners in our business and we work with many of their businesses within ours. I don&'t believe we would have been able to be as successful as quickly as we were without all of this networking, support and feedback."

Trenchers Farmhouse creates artisan farm to table pastas, sauces, breads and desserts: all the Italian traditional specialties with a Vermont twist. Jennifer highlights the seasonal delights of her farm as well as other local and regenerative producers. Trenchers' regenerative farm system focuses on Heirloom Italian, nutrient rich vegetables and pasture raised eggs that are used in hand crafted Italian products. They received the Slow Food Snail of Approval in December 2021. At Trenchers Farmhouse, delicious food starts in the ground and they take great pride in bringing true Italian hospitality to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.