February 16, 2024

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Jennice Chewlin video

What inspired Jennice’s business?

Jennice was inspired to start her business to merge her passion as a public health practitioner and share her journey of overcoming burnout. During an employment transition, she saw an opportunity to support the health and well-being of workforces, especially in addressing work-life balance. Using over 15 years of extensive program design and training experience, she created an innovative model and a unique approach to offer clients. Her mission is to debunk myths around mental well-being through honest conversations and promote social connection.

She opened Chewlin Group in 2022 with a focus on workplace well-being consultancy, offering innovative approaches based on public health principles and positive psychology models. She aims to provide tools and education to help individuals thrive.

Business Highlight

Chewlin Group is a workplace well-being consultancy helping businesses, nonprofits, and communities elevate mental well-being as a priority.

Chewlin Group's business highlights include: virtual and in-person mental well-being workshops, group coaching to foster workplace mental well-being champions, and key strategies to improve the culture of well-being in the workplace. Their bilingual (English and Spanish) services promote social connection and well-being at work, contributing to a holistic approach to mental health.

Her target audience are companies looking for resources to help their employees connect beyond work tasks while learning evidence-based methods to manage stress, prevent burnout, and amplify sustainable work-life harmony.

Owning her own business gives her direct insight into her work-life harmony. She realizes first hand how easy it is to pour everything you have (finances, time, labor) into a business without ensuring for rest, play, and to experience joy too. As a business owner with four kids, she gets asked a lot: how do you do it all? Here’s her secret: she doesn’t.

Jennice’s training converts to increased productivity and engagement which benefit the workplace’s bottomline. She is committed to offering meaningful solutions to businesses, nonprofits, and communities to feel liberated, empowered, and joyful around their health and well-being.

Owning this business provides her the freedom to generate both income and positive impact in my community. Her children get to see a mother who built something beautiful out of a challenge and help others while doing it.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has been instrumental in helping Jennice establish a strong foundation for building and executing her business plan. Participation in their Business Planning class provided critical education on the in’s and out’s of business ownership and her direct service product. The experience boosted her confidence, enabling her to better understand her numbers and market, and confidently leverage her value and price point to potential clients. CWE's support extends to facilitating valuable connections and opportunities, fostering a network of smart and talented women willing to share knowledge and resources. Additionally, the Women of Color Business Summit energized Jennice by providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Overall, CWE plays a vital role in Jennice's entrepreneurial journey by offering access to business classes, consulting with experts, exceptional support, and opportunities for growth.

She will continue to seek CWE support as she plans to scale her team and services to include: self-guided learning modules, launch a local virtual group-learning cohort for BIPOC folks, seek government contracts, and research other business ventures.

"Owning my own business is exhilarating! There are a lot of ups and downs, but understanding the principles of business, and creating a sustainable plan will ensure you reach your goals. Since I was a teenager I wanted to be a business owner. I was attracted to the creativity and grit of offering a solution to an identifiable problem."

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