March 12, 2023

CWE offers courses that span the ever-evolving needs of my startup company. We continue to work with some of the core counselors as an integral part of our business operations.”

Diane Abruzzini

Abruzzini Diane Video Clip

What inspired Diane's Business?

Diane recognized how vital regional manufacturing companies are to the economies and communities that surround them. Her company Rigorous Technology helps these industrial manufacturers increase efficiencies through automation technologies which provides multiple benefits to the greater communities around them.

Business Highlight

Rigorous Technology is creating a direct and positive impact on the Vermont manufacturing ecosystem and has been doubling in size annually since its inception over three years ago.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

CWE has provided Diane with support that directly impacts her business. The courses offered to her from CWE span the evolving needs of a startup, including IP protections and accounting best practices. With a business that is growing significantly each year, Diane has continued to work with CWE and some of the core counselors regularly as part of an integral part of their business operations.

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