February 14, 2023

"CWE has provided me with ongoing support, including one-on-one consultations. As a new entrepreneur, it was critical to know that I had a support network, especially one focused on women." - Deborah Lane Mallinson

What inspired Deborah's Business?

After experiencing the personal loss of a loved one, a caregiver support group significantly impacted Deborah's life, and inspired her to start Magic Lamp Consulting, Inc. Through this business, Deborah creates sustainable fundraising processes for small to midsize nonprofits to help grow their organizations. Her support group was her first client.

Business Highlight

Deborah is passionate about the nonprofits she serves and utilizes her business' expertise to raise the money needed to make a difference in the communities they serve. In 2022, Magic Lamp Consulting raised over $3,000,000 for nonprofits in Central Massachusetts addressing issues for low-income and BIPOC communities including: food insecurity, veteran reintegration, housing insecurity, youth development, workforce development, cancer care, and wellness programming.

How Has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

Deborah has worked with CWE in Central Massachusetts for many years. She initially connected with CWE when trying to start her first business, STEM Advocates. She attended the multi-session Business Planning Program and many workshops. Unfortunately, STEM Advocates was more of a social enterprise than a profitable business model. Through support from CWE, she didn&'t give up.

She continued receiving ongoing support through one-on-one consultations, programs, and workshops. In January 2020, she signed on her first client for her new business Magic Lamp Consulting.

Since then, the business has grown from a solopreneurship to a corporation with a team of 11. They partner with the Small Business Development Center at Clark University and provide internship opportuMagic Lamp Consultingnities to gain real-world experience for graduate students in the school of management focusing on Financial Analytics, Business Analytics, and Marketing. They have also partnered with WPI, working with students through the Small Business Digitization Center, providing the opportunity to solve technical issues.

Magic Lamp Consulting&'s business model is designed to be flexible for their staff, including hybrid and remote opportunities. Her business model includes giving back to the communities where staff live and work. Deborah's team (and families) volunteer in the community, provide financial donations to nonprofits where a small amount of funding can make a significant impact, and provide pro-bono services.

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