February 26, 2022

Danielle Johnson"I have taken multiweek classes with CWE so far and I am just so excited that there are programs/resources out here that simply cater to the needs of the female entrepreneur community. The classes/courses have done wonders for the trajectory of my business. The CWE is also extremely supportive in personal growth. It&'s important to business owners to understand that there are people and organizations that care about your future and your success. The world of learning for a business owner is never ending, but it feels good to know that we have somewhere to go that continues to be a classroom for higher learning. Thank you CWE for all that you do"

Spark FM Online is a digital radio platform that was created to empower and amplify the underserved voices of the community. Based in Boston, MA, the station provides a local and professional platform where DJs, personalities, and artists have the unique opportunity to create their own messaging, mixes, and music, while engaging listeners on both the neighborhood and national levels.

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