June 13, 2023

CWE has helped give me confidence to push the "go live" button and launch my business. I feel much braver and am so thankful for the personal support and resources that I have found through CWE.”

Patricia Prewitt

Patricia Prewitt Video Clip

What Inspired Patricia's Business?

After spending over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry in both sales and product marketing, I have witnessed how confusing it is for individuals to navigate prescription services, insurance, and costs. I have many insights on how to access resources that help people stay on their needed medications and save money. If I can find a way to save a client even $50 a month that translates to impactful savings for the monthly budget.

Business Highlights

My Personal Rx Advisor was created with the mission of helping people find ways to save money on their out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications. All product offerings have been designed with respect to client privacy, and with the premise that each client is unique with different challenges and circumstances. I offer both a Do it Yourself Guide and private one-on-one consulting.

How has CWE Helped Her Journey

CWE helped me on SO many levels with my legal entity, digital marketing, education, and finances. It is unlikely that I would have found each resource on my own. The breadth, depth, and quality of the resources is really amazing. Classes and offerings are practical, easy to search by needs, or where your gaps are for your business. I always learn something from the classes. Plus, hearing from other start-up business owners is helpful and motivating.

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