June 13, 2023

I feel fortunate to have come across CWE and find it an invaluable resource. I recommend it highly to other women entrepreneurs I meet.”

Abby Jacobson

Abby Jacobson Video Clip

What Inspired Abby's Business?

As a former foster child and adoptee herself, Abby's personal journey ignited a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of other adoptees. She realized that her experiences, both the struggles and triumphs, could serve as hope for other adoptees who were also seeking to forge their own sense of self-identity.

Business Highlights

Abby's mission is to provide a safe, trustworthy platform by which adoptees can share their stories while establishing their self-identities.

Her childhood adoption experiences led to her 20-year career as a licensed psychotherapist. Today, she is utilizing these skill sets and both personal and professional experiences to offer virtual individual and group coaching to other adoptees age 16 and over who are striving to establish their sense of self.

How has CWE Helped Her Journey

Abby needed help with promoting awareness about her company to her target audience. She also wanted to work on her business plan. Since joining CWE she has made connections with other women business owners who have greatly benefited her. She has also attended workshops including one focused primarily on creating a business plan.

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