February 26, 2022

"Our Little Man logo was designed by my husband Miguel while we both were attending Mass College of Art. Christine Guanipa"When I transitioned from printmaking to handbag design I knew I wanted to incorporate this Little Man, that had become so dear to us, into our business. It became our logo that graces every product we create. CWE helped us to protect our Little Man by setting us up with a trademark professional who we still use to this day! We still remain connected to CWE Central by participating in marketing and business tutorial classes currently offered online."

Little Man creates a collection of handbags, accessories, and personal products that are vintage inspired, modern driven and made for everyday living. Each piece in the collection is made entirely by hand, from design to final stitch in our Massachusetts studio. Every Little Man product is our family&'s tactile expression of the joy that goes into the handmade process.

Little Man logo