May 13, 2021

Caroline offers a thoughtfully curated collection of clothing and home goods informed by design traditions around the world through her company, Tend, in Newport, RI. She started her business because she saw a need to provide millennials with beautiful objects imbued with stories that would satisfy their desire for adventure, while also meeting their high expectations for sustainability and good design.

Caroline came to CWE to develop a business plan in a supportive and collaborative environment with other young entrepreneurs. Tend opened in May 2020 and has been operating online and by offering private shopping appointments at the Tend studio in Newport. By 2025, Caroline hopes to be working full time for Tend, with an established blogging practice (called Tending) that focuses on the care and repair of our belongings. She is also hoping for a book deal where she can write about her goal of reducing waste and changing the culture of throwaway consumption by rediscovering the art of tending to our things.