November 13, 2020

"How these female business leaders successfully pivoted when the pandemic hit" article recently in The Boston Globe talks about how some women business owners leveraged their skills to keep themselves in business. Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) President & CEO, Gabrielle "Gaby" King Morse shares her thoughts.

"We see women as a key lever for economic growth, not just for themselves but for their families, their communities, and for the economy overall," says Gabrielle King Morse, president and CEO of the Center for Women & Enterprise, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps women start businesses and worked with more than 4,000 women entrepreneurs across New England last year. "And it's not just, ‘I need to pivot my [business] model.' I need to change the way my house is set up. I've got to change the way I'm supporting my kids. I need to change communication with my partner."

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