October 24, 2019

Harboring an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having worked for over 18 years in the CRO industry, Ann's decision to shift from working for a large corporation to becoming an entrepreneur was due to a blend of good timing, a passion for the industry, and her entrepreneurial spirit.

"I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit along with an obsession in meeting or exceeding my customers' expectations—this was the best part of my career, and I wasn't ready to completely give that up."

In 2016, Ann engaged in numerous discussions about launching a boutique firm that specialized in providing FSP services. For Ann, starting Harbor Clinical made complete sense: "All the necessary pieces seemed to easily come together, and it became apparent that the launch of Harbor Clinical was the logical next chapter in my career." Harbor Clinical provides Clinical Trial Services to life science companies across functional areas of which Quality Assurance and Medical Writing are a core focus. With ease in syncing QA expertise across all functions to ensure regulatory compliance at every level, Harbor Clinical's services are perfect for sponsors looking for efficiently completed projects.

Triple Play

Ann became WBENC certified in January 2019. In February, she attended the DA4S West Coast conference at which she had the opportunity to speak with several companies, and came upon a large medical device firm who asked if they were able to provide an experienced clinical research consultant to assist them with a business integration project. Without hesitation, Ann said "Of course!" Within 60 days Harbor Clinical had secured a contract.

"Looking back, it was an impressive triple play - certified, conference and contract- all within 90 days!"

Beyond conferences, Ann has also taken advantage of other CWE resources that have helped her to manage and grow her business including webinars and networking events. Establishing a small business requires a lot of vital operational decision-making and Ann has worked with CWE in learning how to help her team position the company in a way where it can grow successfully, both in the short term and in the long term.

Advice from Ann

"Be patient and leverage the resources available through CWE. You'll find member support is very committed to helping you through the process, ensuring you understand the criteria that must be met in order to acquire the certification. Do this homework in advance—prior to gathering the documentation and beginning the paperwork." The CWE & WBENC team are there to help you out every step of the way.