February 25, 2022

Amber Jackson

What do you do when you find there is a lack of networking opportunities and visibility of local Black professionals? For Amber Jackson the answer was to start her own business. In 2018 she started The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop with 4 tea blends, today it has grown to 12. The online loose-leaf tea and herbal company operates out of Hope & Main in Warren, Rhode Island and uses its platform to celebrate Black culture, engage the community and end gatekeeping around the wellness industry.

Amber uses her business and voice to bring people together. She started Tea Talks and other panels featuring Black professionals to amplify Black voices and discuss topics that affect the community on a day-to-day basis. "Teas have been used for centuries to heal and bring people together. The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop has truly become a reflection of who I am and what I'm passionate about."

"During the pandemic, my business skyrocketed. I didn't immediately have the systems in place to counter the increase in demand. I had to become more vocal and transparent with my customers. This allowed me to gain a better relationship with former customers and retain new customers. From there I've achieved a continuous increase in return customers." Amber plans to expand their wholesale partnership to Chicago, where she is from and is looking to continue that throughout the country.

How did CWE help you?

"CWE has shown me the importance of certifying my business as a grow strategy. As I can say with confidence that my business is one of only 8% that make it out of the start-up phase, I now have the capacity to research and pursue certification as a women-owned business. I am grateful to CWE for educating me on the array of targeted opportunities available to certified women-owned businesses."

What advise do you have for woman who want to start their own business?

"Take your time and do your research. Ask questions before launching your business. CWE is great for assistance in learning about certifications.

About The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop is a Black woman owned, online loose leaf tea company. We currently house 12 uniquely delicious tea and herbal blends that have been designed with natural and organic ingredients. We also use our platform to celebrate Black culture and engage the community.

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