February 26, 2022

"From the beginning, CWE has been a huge help with getting my small business going. I came to CWE with an idea, hoping to find enough information to see if it was feasible for me to start a handmade, small business. Wow! I was thrilled with the amount of information, availability of workshops and the depth of the assistance that CWE offered. I started out with basic business practices and learning was I go. CWE has the variety of content to help me every step of the way. I&'ve learned so much on a such a large scope of topics, some I hadn&'t even realized I would need. I'm still taking CWE workshops and using the resources available as my small business grows. I'm truly thankful for CWE and all they have to offer small businesses."

Amanda offers handmade wreaths and home decor for everyday, holiday and special occasions. Her designs are each one of a kind, handcrafted by her. She welcomes custom orders and enjoys working with customers to collaborate on a design they will love. There is a lot of thought, detail and a little piece of her in every item she makes. Amanda loves connecting with customers on a personal level and to hear their story of why they are buying a product from her small business. Her goal is to exceed customer expectation with every wreath.

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