February 25, 2022

"In my first year in business, CWE accepted me to a program I didn&'t technically qualify for. The Power Forward Program is a business accelerator for small food businesses with gross revenues of at least $50k. At the time I met with one of the instructors, I believe we&'d grossed about $10k. But she saw something in me and in what I was creating, and brought me into a group of businesses lightyears ahead of mine. I jumped into the deep end, and soaked up every bit of learning possible. It also created a network of specialty food entrepreneurs that I&'m still in touch with and collaborating with today!"

Vermont&'s first marshmallow confectionery, Nomadic Kitchen, specializes in handcrafted, boldly-flavored, pillowy as heck marshmallows. With a background as a pastry chef and a marshmallow kid, Chef Alexx set out to create the magical, nostalgic confection that lived in her memory (somehow, the memory was so much better than the real thing!), and reinvent this known-so-well campfire treat entirely. These are not just another marshmallow. These are surprise, delight, nostalgia, and flavor all in a sweet, single bite.

Nomadic Kitchen