February 26, 2022

CWE has helped me learn the logistics of starting a business as well as connected me to the resources that I needed at the time. I have been able to pursue many business opportunities that previously were out of my scope."

Aina Sullivan, Black Stone Alchemy

"The instructors for the webinars were approachable and took the time to explain any confusion that arose. I would say my biggest takeaway is I gained confidence and knowledge that I really needed to make informed decisions about my business." said Aina.

Aina's work as a jeweler ranges from minimalist copper jewelry, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces, to textured geometric talismans. Tying into her Afro-Indigenous roots, Aina works with raw copper due to the healing and energy balancing properties that it is known to hold.

Black Stone Alchemy logo

She handcrafts her gemstone jewelry with locally sourced gemstone beads and cut stones from local businesses. She hand-picks the ethically sourced crystals that she uses in her jewelry, which means she is mindful of the mining and processing practices that took place to hold that beautifully shaped stone in her hands.