March 01, 2024

CWE is ready to help. Sometimes things look overwhelming and it is good to have a safe place to go for help. I have also made wonderful friends and created a supportive community. I am not alone in this.

Adriana Vaccaro video

What inspired Adriana's business?

Adriana's passion for creating workplace environments where employees find purpose, fulfillment, and community, along with her desire to utilize her skills for positive change, inspired her business.

Business Highlights

Adriana's business focuses on guiding CEOs and founders to create inclusive cultures where all employees can thrive. Using a combination of behavioral science that includes six sigma methodologies of behavioral science, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles, and data analytics. Her programs generate measurable results in employee engagement, retention, and promotions across various industries.

Adriana's target audience is "people first" businesses with 20-500 employees. Her business serves multiple industries including robotics, manufacturing, engineering, banking, and nonprofit.

Owning a business has identified and developed new skills for Adriana that she previously didn't realize she needed. Her passion is data, processes and culture but she recognized and embraced that to run a business she had to learn every function including sales, networking, and public relations.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE's Power Forward accelerator enabled Adriana to craft a growth plan for her business, while also providing access to diversity supplier events and matchmaking opportunities. Through CWE, Adriana is pursuing WBEC certification and expanding her business's impact with the goal of doubling the number of client employees trained in 2024. Additionally, she's increasing her network of training consultants and hopes to hire her first employee.

"I feel proud of the business and most importantly the positive effect we can have in different organizations. At a personal level, I love to be able to be present for my children after school while balancing my workload in the morning and after they go to bed."

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