Congratulations! You are interested in starting a non-profit! CWE is an organization devoted to helping business owners launch and grow for-profit business. With that said, however, we know that non-profit is just a tax status and that you still need the same planning that for-profits do! You are welcome to take our workshops and take advantage of our resources, but we are able to provide very limited 1:1 counseling support to non-profits.

We also encourage you to determine if a non-profit structure is the right format for you! We have many clients who have successful mission driven businesses! Mission-Driven businesses strive to address problems in their communities and uplift their stakeholders, their supply-chain, their employees, and their consumers! Please look for our “Starting a Mission Driven Business” workshop at the link below.

Non-profits v. mission-driven businesses

In addition to checking out our resources, please take a look at your state’s non-profit network:

In order to make the best use of our resources, please go back to the beginning of this quiz and take it as if you were starting a for-profit.