Matt is a Trust Solutions partner at PwC, a professional services Trust and Consulting firm with approximately 60,000 US employees and over 320,000 employees globally. Matt has nearly 20 years of experience working in Boston, including in New Zealand for three years. Matt is passionate about client service, the Tech sector and especially the Boston area community and rich culture of innovation and inclusion.

Matt has broad industry experience and is specialized in providing services to clients in the technology sector. He has been involved in companies of varying size and age, including small, equity-backed companies, companies going public, mid-cap companies and Fortune 500 companies. Within PwC, Matt has also served as chair of charitable campaigns and is a champion for HeforShe within PwC. The dynamic pace Matt enjoys from work does not stop there. He is active in his community around Boston, engaging regularly in civic, social and professional engagements.

Matt is a graduate of Boston College’s undergraduate and graduate schools of business and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and the Massachusetts Society of CPAs. Matt also services on an advisory board to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, is an active volunteer for organizations in the Boston area, and a proud coach of several sports teams for his three young boys.

Why CWE?

I am passionate about giving back in a way that is interactive and engaging, and CWE is an active and engaging organization. Couple that with an important mission, a high quality leadership team, an inspirational alumni group, and an important group to continue to serve, and CWE feels like a great place to deliver on my passion. I am also looking forward to supporting my own development working with the CWE team!