Elise is dedicated to education, the arts, and entrepreneurship. She hopes to apply the experience and skills she has gained in her 14 years of professional work to empower folx from underestimated backgrounds and ensure sustained growth for individuals and communities through promoting education, access, and self-actualization.

She began her career at Cobble Creek Academy, an atelier in Georgia’s most diverse county. She started as a teaching assistant and soon became a self-employed Fine Arts Instructor and Business Owner. This work ignited her appreciation for the transformative power of education, mentorship, and creative expression.

Alongside this role, Elise also worked for art non-profits in the Metro Atlanta area, working to support community wellbeing through creative expression and access to the arts. In addition, she participated in a variety of community events as a fine artist, which included live painting during festivals, creating murals for temporary art spaces, and organizing gallery shows.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Elise stepped away from teaching and events and decided to move to Utah, where she had family ties. Motivated by her interest in cultivating equity, she began working for the Rural & Underserved Utah Experience at the University of Utah School of Medicine, an organization which strives to support people from rural and underserved backgrounds in pursuing health science careers, as well as supporting medical students from marginalized backgrounds.

Elise has lived in Vermont since October of 2023 and has fallen in love with the Green Mountain State. She hopes to leverage her experience as an educator, administrator, and small business owner to benefit women in business here in Vermont and help to expand community resources and wellbeing.

Outside work, Elise has way too many hobbies. She enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, stargazing, hiking, and herping. She also enjoys indoor activities such as painting, reading, dancing, and crafts of all kinds. In addition, she comes from a family of travelers and loves to experience new places and cultures. She has visited destinations all over the world, and hopes to continue exploring the globe.