February 23, 2024

CWE really helped me during a time when I didn't even know I needed help. CWE is the reason why we are still thriving now in our 4th year of business.

Tiffany Payne video

What inspired Tiffany's business?

Tiffany was inspired by her desire not only to provide for her family, but also to help improve the lives of others by creating clean and spotless homes. Her journey of determination and resilience, along with the flexibility to be present for her children, fueled her entrepreneurial spirit.

Business Highlights

Tiffany's business, The Pickup Crew, offers professional cleaning services for both homes and businesses, orchestrating a symphony of cleanliness. With a focus on curating environments that resonate with productivity and comfort, The Pickup Crew stands out for its spotless blend of professionalism and homey care, transforming spaces and enhancing the lives of its clients.

As a formerly homeless individual reliant on government assistance, entrepreneurship has transformed Tiffany's life. Entrepreneurship reshaped her identity, offering fulfillment and accomplishment, reflecting her enduring spirit and determination to create positive change. Building and leading a team, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the community brings Tiffany fulfillment. Despite challenges, transforming spaces and enhancing lives daily is deeply satisfying.

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How has CWE Helped Her in Her Journey?

CWE played a pivotal role by providing essential knowledge and resources at a critical juncture. Through the Power Forward grant, Tiffany gained insights into business planning, credit establishment, and marketing strategies. This support empowered her to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, ensuring sustainable growth and success. Additionally, CWE's community of women-owned minority businesses offered invaluable networking opportunities and mentorship, fostering her professional development and resilience in a challenging industry landscape.

"Owning a cleaning business is rewarding. it brings me a sense of empowerment and makes me feel like I am breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry."

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