February 09, 2024

I have found the breadth of courses available through CWE to be invaluable. Additionally, the cheerleading from within CWE is amazing; it’s meaningful to me to have their support as starting a business can be isolating.

Stephanie Blanchard video

What inspired Stephanie’s business?

Stephanie started Artisan Joy after wanting to run a magazine/media company for more than two decades. She feels she has found her career purpose and takes pride in amplifying the work of other creative entrepreneurs and for being a role model to her children for following passions with hard work and dedication.

Business Highlight

Artisan Joy is an independent magazine and online media outlet featuring stories about creative entrepreneurs from an array of artistic disciplines. Artists and artisans often struggle with publicizing their work. Few artists have the resources for hiring outside help to boost awareness about their work. The Artisan Joy magazine and media outlet solves this problem by bringing visibility to these artists and artisans with the mission to amplify the work of creative entrepreneurs, chronicle the positive impact of art and craft on the economy and community, foster connection among creative business owners, and introduce artists and artisans and their works-for-sale to consumers.

There are media outlets and magazines that highlight creative entrepreneurs. However, they are either strictly online or in print. Artisan Joy is available in both print and digital formats.

Artisan Joy logo

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

Stephanie learned about CWE from a friend. Since then, CWE has transformed her entrepreneurial experience through access to high-quality business classes/seminars for little to no cost. Additionally, Stephanie appreciates how much the CWE staff are cheerleaders for her business. She now frequently recommends CWE to others looking to start their own business.

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