February 16, 2024

CWE's encouragement, knowledge base, and willingness to be there whenever I needed them have truly changed the trajectory of my business! I have referred many women to them because I know that if they can do it for me, they can do it for them as well.

Shaunte Whitted video

What inspired Shaunte's business?

Shaunte was inspired by her passion for bringing people together and her desire to leverage that passion by offering services that create brand awareness and grow customer bases.

Business Highlights

SDW Communications, Shaunte's business, is a public relations firm that empowers ambitious individuals and businesses through strategic branding campaigns and event planning services, aiming to create memorable and profitable client experiences. The firm stands out for its commitment to social consciousness and innovative, ethical public relations.

Since starting her business, Shaunte states that her physical, mental, and emotional well being has drastically improved! She feels as though she is truly making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

Shaunte expressed her gratitude for CWE's pivotal role in her business journey, particularly as she sought clarity. As a recipient of the C-DEE grant and attendee of the Accelerated BP Cohort, she shared significant achievements, including the highest revenue and booked business, attributing her success to CWE's opportunities. The one-on-one discussions with CWE guided her towards a focused business path. Shaunte emphasizes her commitment to community engagement, promoting solidarity and celebrating uniqueness while instilling a sense of social responsibility in her family and future employees.

"Owning my own business has given me the autonomy to design my destiny on my terms."

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