January 28, 2024

CWE literally helped me bring this idea to reality. I truly would not have The Postpartum Pantry if it were not for CWE’s support, encouragement, and resources to get off the ground and be successful.

Morgan Evarts video

What inspired Morgan’s business?

Morgan’s original idea was to open a coffee shop. However, CWE’s free 10-week course for new entrepreneurs helped her recognize that she was better suited for a packaged product and control of her own business hours. By the end of class, she had a company name, product, packaging, labels, pricing, and a website. Two months later, she launched her business.

Business Highlight

The Postpartum Pantry offers nourishing foods and body products for pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester. They provide shelf stable goods so families can prepare their pantries with all the staples needed to feel held and nourished during the pre and postnatal days. The products are all natural and home made in Vermont.

The majority of her customers are gift givers: in-laws, neighbors, friends, looking for baby gifts to bring new families. Morgan educates on the often overlooked component of postpartum days and to the benefits of gifting a sitz bath and lactation cookies to nourish new mothers physically to help them feel supported emotionally.

Morgan enjoys the incredible impact of owning her own business for her family. With two young kids and a partner who does not have a flexible job, she has control over her own schedule which is very helpful for multiple situations like school holidays and sick days.

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

The Postpartum Pantry

Morgan credits CWE for the support, encouragement, and resources to get off the ground and be successful. By staying connected to the CWE, she also learned of other opportunities to grow. For example, CWE told her about Sam Adams Brewing the American DREAM program. This taught her how to scale her business and provided mentoring and coaching. She also got the opportunity to pitch her business to the founder of Sam Adams, which evolved into a $5,000 grant that she used to move out of her home kitchen and into her very first production facility in only her second year of business.

“Owning my own business makes me feel empowered and in charge of my own destiny which is incredibly freeing. I have the ability to be creative, to do what I love, and on my own time! This journey has absolutely changed my life. I feel so capable of hard things and have learned confidence in making mistakes and putting myself out there as an entrepreneur.”

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