February 23, 2024

CWE has been an incredible resource on so many dimensions – in addition to personal coaching, they have provided access to experts, resources, potential customers, and potential partners.

Mavis Chin video

What inspired Mavis' business?

25 years ago, Mavis' found her inspiration for Zenagos when her co-founder was humiliated by a bank staff member laughing at her request for a small business loan. The banker didn't take her seriously because she lacked business lingo. This eye-opening experience ignited a passion to empower small business owners by bridging knowledge gaps and boosting confidence in financial matters.

Business Highlights

Zenagos LLC, driven by its mission to bridge knowledge gaps for small business owners, launched two new MA Workforce Training courses in January 2024: (1) New Product Business Planning and (2) Financial Projections.

With 15 clients onboard and a steady growth rate of two new clients per month, Zenagos is making waves in the consulting industry, providing invaluable support to small business owners.

Mavis helps clients every day, answering questions, providing feedback, and building new curriculum based on what the clients' need. She finds it incredibly rewarding to help others every day. It has given her a sense of purpose.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has been an invaluable resource and support system for Mavis. Through CWE, she accessed personal coaching, expert resources, potential customers, and partners. Instagram live sessions improved her pitch, while the November Women of Color Business Summit provided numerous leads and partnership opportunities, like connecting with Yvonne Hao and Paulina Apone for presentations to Mass Growth Capital Corporation and the Boston Impact Initiative, respectively.

Additionally, CWE facilitated the launch of Zenagos' new MA Workforce Training courses, enhancing its offerings and impact.

“Owning my own business is an incredibly empowering and freeing feeling. It means I have choices and I have control over my schedule and my future.”

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