February 16, 2024

CWE has their heart in exactly the right place. They are genuinely invested in helping entrepreneurs to succeed. I have felt supported, encouraged, and inspired from the moment I first set foot in a CWE sponsored event. Anyone needing business help should RUN to their computer right now and find their local chapter!

Marisa Delhay video

What inspired Marisa’s business?

Marisa's Teaching Totes were inspired by the need for engaging preschool materials for stay-at-home parents. She aimed to provide educational activities without the need for purchasing, creating, or storing materials. This initiative began in 2017, driven by a desire to offer accessible and enriching educational experiences for children.

The concept evolved to include a rental service, fostering play-based learning with curated kits, and expanded in 2021 with the training of regional specialists to reach more communities. The inspiration stemmed from creating an affordable and stress-free solution for caregivers, promoting hands-on, play-based education.

Business Highlights

Marisa's business has experienced significant milestones and accomplishments. Since its inception in 2017, the initiative has evolved into a thriving venture, offering rental play-based kits for kids. The introduction of curated kits, including educational toys, sensory bins, crafts, books, games, and puzzles, has garnered attention and popularity.

In 2021, Marisa expanded her impact by training regional specialists, enabling the growth of Teaching Totes beyond her hometown of Hooksett, NH. The business's success is marked by its commitment to providing affordable, accessible, and enriching educational experiences for children, emphasizing play-based learning as a fundamental approach.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has played a pivotal role in Marisa's entrepreneurial journey, providing valuable support and resources. Attending the "Art of Entrepreneurship" seminar introduced her to CWE's network, marking her first foray outside her comfort zone. Subsequent networking events and classes equipped Marisa with essential skills, from making connections and brainstorming with fellow entrepreneurs to understanding topics like bookkeeping, legal considerations, and marketing. These learnings not only informed her business decisions but empowered her to mentor her team effectively.

CWE's influence bolstered Marisa's confidence, facilitating the expansion of her business by onboarding specialists. Marisa is currently listed as a vendor in the Education Freedom Account program, realizing her dream of making enriching educational experiences accessible to all children. CWE's comprehensive assistance has been instrumental in Marisa's success and community impact.

"Founding a company and growing it from the ground up has given me confidence in myself that I never had before and has inspired me to continually challenge myself. I'm always learning, growing, and stepping outside my comfort zone thanks to the nature of owning and scaling a business."

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