February 23, 2024

We found CWE through the Sam Adams Brewing The American Dream (BTAD) program, where we were finalists. CWE provided invaluable guidance on certifications and funding options, propelling our growth.

Mariah Wood video

What inspired Mariah's business?

Mariah's business, Tilden, was inspired by her desire for more elevated drink options without alcohol, shared with her friend Vanessa during their time at Harvard Business School. They aimed to create non-alcoholic cocktails that would allow everyone to fully participate in social gatherings and flavor experiences without the need for mind- or body-altering ingredients. Recognizing the growing demand for alcohol alternatives driven by health, wellness, and intentional living movements, they embarked on a journey to craft sophisticated, complex, and delicious drinks that were previously unavailable to non-drinkers.

Business Highlights

Tilden, founded by Mariah and Vanessa, crafts premium non-alcoholic cocktails, addressing the underserved market of adults who don't drink or are reducing alcohol intake. With an 80% repurchase rate from over 100 restaurant, retail, and hotel customers, their award-winning cocktails deliver sophistication and flavor. They've added nearly 50 new B2B accounts in the past 3 months and foresee substantial growth opportunities in the coming year.

Mariah eagerly anticipates the opportunity to build and uplift lives through hiring, collaborating with new partners, and serving customers. This sense of ownership provides her with a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment, far exceeding her experiences in corporate consulting. Mariah values the direct impact she has on her life, her employees' lives, the success of her business partners, and the social experience of her customers, all of which adds significant meaning to her work.

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How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE provided invaluable guidance throughout the BTAD program, helping Mariah discern when to invest time and energy into certifications, such as being a women-owned business. They also introduced her to alternative funding options beyond traditional investors, such as debt and revenue-based financing, which proved instrumental as she continued to grow and evaluate opportunities. Through their support and insights, Mariah was able to add nearly 50 new B2B accounts in the past three months and experience her best quarter yet, with significant potential for growth in the coming year.

"Owning my own business is empowering and fulfilling. I love the meaning and the variety that I find in my work day to day, and I'm eager to see what I can build and the lives I can lift as I hire, work with new business partners, and serve new customers."

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