February 09, 2024

From day one, CWE has given me the knowledge to be successful, the tools to climb a notch every day, and the necessary connections to each question presented in the course of my progress.

Franchesca Fernandez video

What inspired Franchesca’s business?

Franchesca found inspiration to start her business through the trust and support of her clients. CWE further inspired her by providing essential information and answering all of her questions. Ongoing support and motivation come from her husband and daughters.

Business Highlight

At Makservi Craft & Print, Franchesca envisions a one-stop destination for custom embroidery and printing needs. Combining precision craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, her company brings designs to life on a variety of textiles. Franchesca's elevator pitch emphasizes the seamless and tailored embroidery and printing services, where creativity meets quality, and every stitch tells a unique story.

Makservi Craft & Print logo

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

In her pursuit of success, Franchesca seeks CWE's help to overcome challenges. Since day one, CWE has equipped her with knowledge, tools, and valuable connections to address business structure, product sales, and other aspects crucial to her progress.

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