February 09, 2024

CWE is a great support system that encourages learning, helps establish systems and structure for your business, and keeps you connected with the community.

Eliana Parada video

What inspired Eliana’s business?

Eliana established her business as a mortgage loan officer to deliver an exceptional experience by providing the best personalized financial recommendations that suit her clients’ lifestyles.

Business Highlight

Eliana’s vision is to empower individuals and families to create a brighter future through homeownership by collaboratively creating financial game plans.

Owning her own business has become a fulfilling journey where she pursues her entrepreneurial vision. Navigating through challenges, responsibilities, and growth opportunities keeps her engaged and motivated. Witnessing the transformative impact of her services gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has been a pivotal resource for Eliana at every stage of her business growth, providing tools and resources to navigate challenges, bring clarity to her life, and outline necessary steps for success. Now equipped with this knowledge, Eliana shares her experience and valuable information with other individuals, particularly women facing similar entrepreneurial endeavors.

“Owning my own business has shaped me into a more confident and capable individual, and has instilled a deep appreciation for hard work, creativity, and strategic thinking. The entrepreneurial experience, overall, has been transformative - providing valuable lessons that have contributed to both my professional success and personal growth.”

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