March 01, 2024

CWE is an amazing resource! All women entrepreneurs should join and find their people. I ask people who aren't yet members, what are you waiting for?

Briana Azier video

What inspired Bri's business?

Bri's Sweet Treats originated from the desire to give back and uplift spirits - including her son's - during the pandemic. The unexpected success led to a community-centric business focused on philanthropy.

Business Highlights

Bri’s Sweet Treats is a family business that makes hand crafted award-winning candy and treats for business and personal gifting and events.

Bri's Sweet Treats has achieved significant milestones including being recognized as the Best Chocolatier/Candy Shop in Central Massachusetts. Opening in June 2021, they've also recently celebrated one year at their retail location inside the Worcester Public Market. They are wholesale licensed and can be found in other stores as well. Revenue quadrupled from 2022 to 2023, and they expanded their team from one employee to five.

The business is committed to giving back, with a portion of profits donated monthly to local nonprofits and community organizations. They're planning to expand further and are exploring purchasing or building commercial property.

Bri's Sweet Treats logo

How has CWE helped her in her journey?

CWE has been an invaluable resource and support system for Bri's Sweet Treats. They have provided classes, seminars, and recommendations for grants, programs, and awards, including recommending her for Sam Adams Brewing the American Dreams Program. The CWE team actively participates in Bri's events, fostering a sense of community and belief in her business.

"Owning my own business allows me to show my son how to work hard and change the community by giving back. He is learning the power and responsibility of philanthropy."

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