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Sharon Cornelius, Suilenroc Construction LLC, Providence, RI

Sharon always dreamed of striking out on her own and working with her hands. When an unexpected opportunity opened the door, she took the leap and left the security of a job with the US Post Office. Sharon enrolled and graduated from the 15-week nationally-recognized Carpentry Training Program at Amos House in Providence, RI.

Finding Help at CWE

Excited to get her business started, and looking to learn more about how to run a construction business, a mentor at Amos House suggested she call CWE. A one-on-one consultation led to enrolling in a class that “changed my life,” according to Sharon.  She graduated from the Fall 2016 Community Classroom Business Planning course in Providence.  

Sharon exudes the spirit and drive of an entrepreneur. She trusts her inner voice, and believes it is the key reason she is where she is today. Her business model includes giving back to her community, and helping those who may need a break, especially the men and women at Amos House looking for a second chance.  

Following the Business Planning graduation, Sharon was nominated to participate in an initiative between CWE and Bond Brothers Construction in Providence, for the launch of a professional learning exchange for women and minorities in construction.  The program is designed to help small businesses achieve growth, improve quality and develop new strategic relationships with both classroom training and work with a professional mentor.  Sharon is excited to be a part of this program, and dreams of growing her company, and being able to help others realize their dreams, too.

Sharon was the winner of the 2017 Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award.

Suilenroc Construction LLC
Pakrway Avenue
Providence, RI